Custom Sneakers

Bring in your plain white sneakers, and Nav will add colors to those. Yours will be unique for you, and only you will have it ;) 

How does it work?

  1. Purchase a custom shoe token here.
  2. You ship the shoe to us online, from any store that you like.
  3. Choose from colors and style for customization.
  4. Wait. Wait for the customization to happen.
  5. Once package arrives at your door, go out, on a walk, in style.
  6. Spread positivity, spread the word.

How long does it take?

Customization takes anywhere from 7-10 days from the day shoes arrives at the studio.

Can any shoe be customized?

Right now, only sneakers made in non-canvas cloth fabric. You can select from the ones below or choose your own from any other site in the same material. 


What are the customizations possible?

The Art Hippo exercises its creativity independently on each shoe. However you can choose 3 major colors to stand out in your shoe, and one of the following for the designs :

- Too much happening
- Happening and Colorful
- Sober

What is the size delivered is wrong?

It is your responsibility to have the right size delivered to me before the customization begins. If a wrong size is delivered, it can be returned from the studio as long as it is a pickup. Please ensure that you are sending the right size before you ship it.